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Sunday, December 25, 2011


 New Lead Trumpet Program!
This program is designed for the non- lead trumpeter thinking of becoming a lead trumpet player AND The Professional Lead Trumpet Player wanting to move up to the final frontier of Lead Trumpet Playing: ROB MCCONNELL, MAYNARD FERGUSON, DUKE ELLINGTON'S HARDEST CHARTS, CAT ANDERSON, BUDDY RICH, BILL CHASE, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, CHICAGO, MICHAEL JACKSON, AL JARREAU, EARTH WIND AND FIRE, MIAMI SOUND MACHINE!

This is not your Father's Leave It To Beaver WOODCHOPPER'S BALL kinda Lead Trumpet Playing! NOPE!

Please CLICK HERE for an hour tutorial in High Definition and overview of this 3 month long online trumpet program!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

best trumpet sites

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Updated October 22, 2009

Trumpet Links to our Friends and Favorite Sites
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Nick "Brownman" Ali - The trumpet player's web site.Chet Baker - A site devoted to trumpet legend Chet Baker.
Randy Brecker - Randy Brecker has been shaping the sound of Jazz, R and B and Rock for more than three decades. His trumpet and flugelhorn performances have graced hundreds of albums by a wide range of artists from James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Chaka Khan, George Benson and Parliament-Funkadelics to Frank Sinatra, Steely Dan, David Sanborn, Horace Silver, Jaco Pastorius and Frank Zappa.
Bill Chase - A tribute site to the late trumpet player.
Miles Davis - There are a number of web sites for this trail blazing trumpet player. Click herefor the Same Day Music site on Miles Davis.
Phil Driscoll - A great trumpet player.
Maynard Ferguson - A favorite trumpet player and a friend of the bandClick here for another site dedicated to Maynard.
Matt Haley's Trumpet Page - A trumpet site with many trumpet links.
International Trumpet Guild - A non-profit organization, founded in 1974 to promote communications among trumpet players around the world.
Jazz Trumpet - A site devoted to jazz trumpet.
The R. Jones Trumpet Page - This site has lots of trumpet links.
Jim Manley - The new official Web site for this trumpet high note specialist and breathing guru. Click here to check out trumpeter Jim Manley and Horns In The House as featured on special edition Yamaha sampler CDs. Click here for a another Jim Manley site. Click here for another Jim Manley site.
Bob Montgomery - A jazz trumpet player.
Natural Trumpet Resource Web Site - The purpose of this site is to compile a list of resources for those interested in the natural trumpet.
Penny Lane Piccalo Trumpet Solo - Information about the trumpet solo in The Beatles' tune Penny Lane.
Rune's Trumpet Page - Thoughts on playing trumpet by Rune Aleksandersen.
 Screech's Trumpet Sounds - Screech's Trumpet Sounds is a web site by Kurt Schulenburg that contains a collection of trumpet MP3s from a variety of players. The site is once again taking contributions from one and all. Browse the various pages and see what your peers have been doing and then send your sound clip.Bobby Shew - A great trumpet and flugelhorn artist in addition to being a friend of the band.
Stanton's Trumpet Page - A trumpet page.
Super Chops Trumpet - Jerome Callet, the builder of Super Chops trumpets.
Rich Szabo - The web site for this fine trumpet player.
The Tasteebros - A trumpet site dedicated to playing HIGH and FAST.
Trumpet College - The Clint McLaughlin web site for trumpet players.
Trumpet Geeks International - An entire web site devoted to the trumpet. You gotta check it out!
Trumpet Jokes - Try these trumpet jokes.
Trumpet Player Online - This is a trumpet web site!
Trumpet Jazz web site - This is a great trumpet web site! You can browse for trumpet players by era and get to their web sites. Very cool!
Trumpet Links - The ultimate trumpet links page.
Trumpet Stuff - This is a site made for trumpet players that features pictures, links, audio and video clips of some of the best trumpet players ever known.
Trumpet Topics - Bryan Goff (Professor of Trumpet - Florida State University) presents a page linked to mini-essays on various aspects of improving one's skills on the trumpet. The purpose is to offer "tips" to share with others who are lifelong students and lovers of the trumpet.
Yahoo Jazz Trumpet - The Yahoo list of jazz trumpet players.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Best Trumpet Lesson Sites

Top 20 Trumpet Websites, Best Trumpet Sites, and Trumpet Tips!

The Trumpet is a great instrument whether jazz trumpet or solo trumpet,  but requires a very strong embouchure. What kind of trumpet notes require this type of strong embouchure? High C, Double C, and Triple C all would require a strong embouchure to play these high trumpet notes.  A trumpeter must take trumpet lessons to increase skill level. Trumpeters like Maynard Ferguson playing the trumpet solo, Give It One, and Bill Chase playing the trumpet solo, Get It On, had a very strong trumpet embouchure. Trumpets are made out of brass and make a beautiful sound when used in trumpet songs. James Last Orchestra also featured many fine trumpet players. The above site has trumpet tips, trumpet websites, sites, and trumpet lessons.